Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ME and My Father

When I was 4 Yrs Old: My father is THE BEST 
When I was 6 Yrs Old: My father seems to know everyone
When I was 10 Yrs Old: My father is excellent but he is short tempered
When I was 12 Yrs Old: My father was nice when I was little
When I was 14 Yrs Old: My father started being too sensitive
When I was 16 Yrs Old: My father can't keep up with modern time
When I was 18 Yrs Old: My father is getting less tolerant as the days pass by.
When I was 20 Yrs Old: It is too hard to forgive my father, how could my Mum stand him all these years.
When I was 25 Yrs Old: My father seems to be objecting to everything I do!
When I was 30 Yrs Old: It's very difficult to be in agreement with my father, I wonder if my Grandfather was troubled by my father when he was a youth. 
When I was 40 Yrs Old: My father brought me up with a lot of discipline, I must do the same
When I was 45 Yrs Old: I am puzzled, how did my father manage to raise all of us
When I was 50 Yrs Old: It's rather difficult to control my kids, how much did my father suffer for the sake of upbringing and protecting us
When I was 55 Yrs Old: My father was far looking and had wide plans for us, he was gentle and outstanding.
When I became 60 Yrs Old: My father is THE BEST


Note that it took 56 Yrs to complete the cycle and return to the starting point "My father is THE BEST "

Let's be good to our parents before it's too late and pray to Allah that our own children will treat us even better than the way we treated our parents.

Abu Darda’ berkata, aku telah mendengar bahawa Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam pernah bersabda: “Ibu bapa adalah pintu Syurga yang paling tengah. Terserahlah kepada kamu sama ada mahu mensesia-siakan pintu itu atau memeliharanya” 
(Hadith sahih riwayat Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi dan Ibn Majah)

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  1. its not me and my father, should be " myfather and me ". just noticed ~ notgp


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