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A Sincere Letter Before Ramadan To Check Our Heart " A Clean Heart V/s A Sick Diseased Heart

A salaam alaikum, my beloved Brother M,

  I was thinking about you.  I worry about you and something so important came to my heart.

  Today we are living in a severely stormy life.  Family, our style of life, culture, and the  sickness of our hearts all contribute to this stormy life.  When you are in the middle of all this severe stormy condition, how can you have time and ability to reflect over your own heart?

  Today, we are very close to a lifetime chance of redeeming and rehabilitating ourselves.  Muhammed Rasoolalah sallalahu alaihi wa salam said, of the meaning of, “In the body is a flesh.  If it’s good, the whole body is good.  If it’s bad or sick, the whole body is sick.  It is the Heart.”

  My Beloved Brother, this letter to you is from my love to you and my responsibility with you to try to help you to stop and reflect, and to question the status of your heart and the status of your intention. 

  Once you do that, you will gain the power, the strength, the tranquility, the belonging and Allah will help you and support you in the stormy condition.

  If you win this battle against yourself and you become victorious inside, Allah will take care of the external battle and whatever is happening surrounding you.

  Please, like I always say, “Don’t blame the condition. Don’t blame the storm.  Allah is the owner of Condition.  Once we become a slave to Allah, he will take care of all our affairs.  He SWT will give us the victory inside and outside.”

  Remember, during Ramadan, you’re fighting only yourself, your Nafs, your Shaitan, the small one.  (This means, your own personal Shaitan.)  All the other times, all year long, you’re fighting yourself plus all the army of Shiateen. ( A very large number of Shaitan.)  The battle of your Nafts and Shiateen is small during Ramadan compared to the battle of fighting millions and millions of Shiateen the rest of the year. 

  There is a huge difference between going to the battle of fighting a few compared to the battle of fighting millions and millions and billions.  Your chance of winning against yourself and your Nafts in Ramadan is very great and much easier than any other time of year.              

   This means Ramadan is a golden opportunity to win and capture and clean up and to know who you are.  It’s not the storm or Shiateen; It’s my Nafts.  That’s why I am sharing with you all these verses of the Quran which emphasize the importance of the purification of your Heart, you Niya (intention) and your goal.  If you win it, Allah will allow you to win everything.  If you can not win the internal battle of the status of your heart, you can not win anything.

  My intention is for you to win, to gain victory, to succeed, to be elevated in this life and the Hereafter.  This you will never  be able to do so unless you win the battle within.  I hope you comprehend my message.  I’m adding all these verses which actually are a small amount compared to the rest of the verses in the Quran emphasizing the importance of the status of the heart.  

  If we are living or associating with sick people, sooner or later we will catch their diseases, especially if we already have some of what they have. And Remember! Prophet saws, he saws used to make Dua to Allah swt of the meaning of, 

  " Oh Allah swt, the One who change the condition of the heart. Hold tight in my heart." meaning, hold tight on my Eman, my Hidaya (guidance), my Niyah(intention). And do not snatch my Eman from me.

  Allah swt gives and Allah swt takes. He teaches in Qur’an, Chapter 3 Al-Imran, verse8 -----"(They say), "Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower."

  This is what I saw in my life according to the teachings of Islam and the words of Allah swt. Why does Allah swt give some people Tawfiq(ability), but they can not receive it? Why can some stay steadfast ( istiqamah ) with Allah swt and Why do some keep going up and down without any ending?

  For the sake of all these questions, let me share with you some of the verses of the Qur’an related to the importance of holding tight in your heart with your Iman and niyah and the importance of not deviating from them.  Be careful!

  Please, my words are not intended to tell you, " You are not among the believers!" or "You are a Hypocrite!" or " You are a disbeliever!" or "You are a liar!" No!!No!!! I love you for Allah swt! You are my brother in Islam. You are my giant tree.
 I respect you and I admire you.I care for you and our relationship makes me responsible to share with you this knowledge to help you, to support you and to save you and guard you and to make sure you can succeed in your journey with the pleasure of Allah swt with Light of Allah swt.

  The following is something I learned. If the soil is corrupted, the soil is sick, or the roots of the tree are sick, then the whole tree becomes sick. Similarly, if the heart is sick, then the entire body is sick and the mind becomes sick. You loose your stability and the journey of Eman.  You can loose a lot.  Most of all, you loose your soul, your Eman, your guidance and your relationship with Allah swt. But if f the water for the tree is pure, the tree will have beautiful sweet crops.  It will be very healthy, benefiting itself and others.

  Please, take what I tell you from someone who loves you and wants the best for you.

The Momin’s heart is with Allah swt and holds tight to Allah swt, Begging Allah swt, remembering Allah swt. Don’t deviate!

  On the other hand, the disbeliever, munafakeen(the hypocrite) they are the ones who go up and down.

  At this time, before Ramadan, we should analyze, check, and question the status of our heart and what it contains.  We are surrounded by environment and genetic weakness.

  I consider this a crucial reminder for All the Believers on Earth, especially at this time of life towards the end of time and the amount of  Fitnas (tribulations) and darkness.  This makes out hearts very difficult to see (coursing veil of our hearts).

My intention is to be aware, awake, and examine you.

  If the heart is good, everything is OK, everything is all right. If the heart has problems, our whole life has problems.

  Again, please, read carefully what I am going to share with you. You might find some of my wording scary or hurtful at times.  But it can also be a beautiful reminder and wake up call to build strength and uplift on my journey of renewing my Faith, my Intention, and my priority in life.

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